AB Werkt’s accommodation is certified by SNF


If you come to the Netherlands to work for AB Werkt, we will arrange a place for you to live. Of course, we will try to house you as near as possible to the company you will work for. In the Netherlands, we have more than 80 residential locations of different sizes. It is important to us that you feel comfortable and at home. That is why we are committed to ensuring the quality and safety of our accommodation. All of our accommodation is certified by SNF. That means it meets the requirements in the Netherlands for accommodation for international workers. That way, AB Werkt gives you peace of mind about your current and future home. This message will tell you more about it.

You pay rent for the accommodation we arrange for you. For that money, you rightly expect that we will provide decent accommodation. Our accommodation is certified by SNF, which means that several aspects of the property have been checked in advance. The accommodation is checked again every year. The list of requirements that our accommodation must meet is quite long. For instance, we must ensure that:

– your living space and bedroom are large enough;
– there are enough toilets and showers for you and your housemates;

– the stairs and railings are safe;
– you have enough cupboard and wardrobe space;
– there are enough cooking rings on the hob and refrigerators;
– your bedroom receives enough daylight;
– the heating, Wi-Fi, and electrical systems are in working order;
– your accommodation is safe from fire and fitted with smoke detectors.

Yearly check

SNF-certified accommodation is rechecked every year. That annual check is done by an official SNF inspector. AB Werkt’s Facilities Department also regularly checks that everything is as it should be in and around your home. They will visit your accommodation, usually once a week.

Please look at the information card

You will find an SNF information card in your accommodation. This card has a QR code. Scan this code to learn more about SNF and the requirements your accommodation must meet. The card also tells you what to do if your accommodation does not meet the requirements.

Report your complaint

If something is broken or missing in your accommodation, or if your accommodation does not meet the SNF requirements, please report this to AB Werkt’s Helpdesk. Please call +31 (0)85 – 049 32 05. We will solve the problem as soon as we can. You can contact SNF if AB Werkt fails to solve the problem or fails to do so in time. You can also contact SNF if you have a complaint. See www.normeringflexwonen.nl/information-for-residents/complaints for information on how to file a complaint.

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