Off sick? AB Werkt’s Absence Coordination Point can help


Got any questions about absence and prevention? AB Werkt’s Absence Coordination Point (VCP) has all the answers you need. The VCP has been set up to offer the best possible support to employees struggling with illness and absence.

Marilyn Veldman and Anita van der Goot are the faces behind the VCP. Both work as absence coordinators at AB Werkt. Marylin and Anita have many years of experience in the field of absence, prevention and rehabilitation. As such, they serve as a vital link in the absence process.

When can the Absence Coordination Point help you?

The VCP is notified directly when you phone in sick. Marylin, Anita or the case manager will contact you soon after. If you speak to Marylin or Anita, they’ll support you during your first week off work. They’ll assess your situation, and they’ll arrange the appropriate follow-up agreements. If you’re off work for more than a week and it looks like you might be absent for a while, the VCP will transfer your case file to the occupational health and safety agency AB Werkt works with. If you’re under Service I, Service III and Service V International Acture will handle your absence support from the first day.

Why has the Absence Coordination Point been set up?

AB Werkt wants to ensure better coordination of and following up on absences. The VCP enables us to offer optimal support to you as an employee, all with a personal touch. Marylin and Anita have all the tools they need to contact the right people and entities quickly.

How to contact the Absence Coordination Point

Got questions or want to know more about the VCP? Or are you dealing with an absence? Marilyn and Anita can be contacted by phone on +31 85 487 40 14, and by e-mail at

Marilyn Veldman                                                                             Anita de Groot


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