Everything you need to know about your confidential adviser at AB Werkt


AB Werkt has appointed a confidential adviser for employees. Her name is Agnes Vluggen. Agnes is an external confidential adviser, so she does not work at AB Werkt, and is independent and objective in her role. Being both meticulous and discreet, she is eminently suited to performing this key task.

When can the confidential adviser help?

We hope, of course, that you will never need to involve Agnes. If you encounter unwanted behaviour while working for AB Werkt, you can contact the confidential adviser. The adviser will help you if you are dealing with aggression, violence, sexual intimidation, sexual harassment, bullying, or discrimination. We see it as our moral duty to ensure you receive help in the unlikely event that you find yourself in such a situation and cannot talk to your supervisor or employer.

Contact details

Agnes Vluggen

The details and personal introduction of the confidential adviser can also be found on your employee portal.

We talked to Agnes about her role as confidential adviser. Watch the video alongside.

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