Salary and payslip


Your salary always depends on the CAO. A CAO (the Dutch acronym for collective labour agreement), is a body of arrangements between (representatives of the) employers and (representatives of the) employees in a given branch or sector. Salaries are also included in this CAO, which complements the individual labour agreement concluded between an employer and their employees.

Your working hours

Each week you fill in the number of hours you have worked on your timesheet. In the attachments you will find clear instructions on how to fill in this timesheet in block capitals. Have the timesheet signed by your supervisor.

Keep one copy for yourself; one is for the client; and send the third copy to us.

You need to send completed and signed time sheets to the AB Werkt head office in Roemond. We prefer to receive your time records electronically. You do this as follows: scan the time sheet or take a photo of it with your smart phone and email it to Make sure that everything is clearly legible, otherwise we will not be able to process it. Also mention your employee number, so that there can be no errors with names.

You don’t have an email address? Then you can send the time sheet to the following address by post: AB Werkt Salarisadministratie – Antwoordnummer 10084-6040 XT Roermond (No stamp needed.)

You can obtain new time sheets and envelopes through the hospitality officer or in one of the AB Werkt offices. Generally, we transfer the money on the following Friday to the bank account provided by you.

Please note the following: In some cases, you may work for various clients who do not operate in the same field. The CAO can be different and accordingly your salary may be slightly higher. If you are younger than 23 years, you fall under “Youth Salaries”. There can also be differences here.

Your salary in summary

  1. Payment according to CAO of the company you work for
  2. Reserve for holidays
  3. Reserve for holiday pay
  4. Medical expenses
  5. Housing costs (optional)

Digital portal

As an employee of AB Werkt, you have access to a personal digital portal. Here you can find your contracts, payslips and annual statements. Additionally, you can sign work contracts and lease agreements digitally and adjust your personal data there. It also contains safety regulations and your key document. Fast and secure, everything well-organised in one place. In the attachments, you will find instructions on how to login and how to approve or reject documents. Should you have any questions, consult the Frequently Asked Questions on the portal. Of course you may also contact the hospitality officer.

Questions about your payslip

Your gross salary is not the same as the net salary that is transferred into your bank account each week. In addition to taxes, other deductions are made, for medical expenses and housing, for example. Amounts are also reserved for holidays and other costs. Your salary can also be different from, for example, that of your co-residents. That may have to do with the CAO of the client where you work, or your age. AB Werkt does everything possible to ensure that your salary is correct. The payslip is in Dutch. In the attachments, you will find a explanation of the payslip in English. Read it carefully, so that you know what the various acronyms and abbreviations mean and what they are used for.

You can find your annual statement for the previous year in late January on the portal.

Do you have questions about your salary slip or the payment of your salary? Send them to You will receive a response by e-mail within a week.

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