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Everything about working at AB Werkt

You are starting to work at AB Werkt.

You need a good copy of your passport or identity card. You also need to have a payment account (Polish, Dutch or foreign), preferably with a debit card that you can use to withdraw cash from any bank in the Netherlands. Please note: the account must be in your name – a so-called ‘either/or account’ will do as well. Additionally, we need the telephone number at which you can be contacted in the Netherlands. This will enable us to reach you quickly when we have work for you or if we wish to inform you of changes in work plans. Please submit your number directly to a hospitality officer. Have you obtained a new telephone number? Please update your contact details in your personal portal or submit the new number to a hospitality officer. We also need your email address.

In addition to this, you need to have a citizen service number, BSN, which is necessary for us to pay you your salary. Have you worked in the Netherlands before? Then you already have that number. Are you coming to work in our country for the first time? Then you need to apply for a BSN by following the steps below.

Registering in the Netherlands

If you are coming to work in the Netherlands for the first time, you need to register in the Personal Records Database or BRP. Upon registering, you immediately receive a citizen service number, BSN. We need this number to be able to pay you. The BSN is requested at all contacts with public authorities and the health care services. Be sure that you always have this number at hand. Store it, for example, in your telephone.

How do you go about registering?

To register, you need to go to the city hall in your area in person. The hospitality officer will give you further information on this and make an appointment for you.

What do you need?

You need a valid identity document.


  1. When you first come to work in the Netherlands, you must register with the Personal Records Database or BRP.
  2. This is needed to be able to obtain a citizen service number or BSN. We need the BSN for payment of your salary.
  3. The hospitality officer will help you with this.

We need the following from you:

  1. A copy of your ID
  2. A telephone number where you can be reached
  3. Your payment account number (IBAN/BIC)
  4. Your email address
  5. Your BSN

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