AB Werkt thinks it important for everything to be well-organised for you. That’s why we have a team of staff members
who can speak with you in various languages, including Polish, English, German, Romanian, and who can help you
whenever you need it.

We have a Park Manager stationed at large housing complexes. He can help you with the work schedule, transport and he arranges technical defects to be fixed.

The hospitality officers are always there to answer any question you may have about your stay. They also accompany you to the doctor or hospital, if you wish. Accompaniment costs are included in this service.

Personnel manager

In addition to the hospitality staff, everyone has a contact person at the office of AB Werkt – the personnel manager. They can help you with all work-related matters.


  1. Everything about work and planning
  2. First sick leave. Sickness guidance and recovery reports are done through the personnel manager
  3. Requests for holidays and day’s leaves
  4. Accidents and calamities
  5. Doctor and hospital visits

Housing accommodation

If you do not have a house of your own, we will arrange housing for you. The housing cost is deducted weekly from your salary.


It is preferable for you to have your own transport. For this you receive, in consultation with the client, a transport allowance. Should you not have your own transport, we can provide it. For this we have bicycles, a bus and cars.

If a car is assigned to you by AB, you will drive to work together with colleagues. You are responsible for the car and we expect you to handle it carefully. Should you cause an accident and cause damages, we will withhold this from your salary. You may not use the vehicle for private errands. Read the AB Werkt car regulations carefully.

Work attire

If the client has special requirements regarding working shoes, for example, we take care of that. Hospitality will inform you of this.

What do we provide for you?

  1. Housing accommodation
  2. Transport if necessary
  3. Medical insurance
  4. Guidance in Polish, English, German, Russian and Bulgarian

Work schedule

Our planners and hospitality officers will inform you on the work schedule, mainly by email. In some cases, the schedule is posted at the reception of your housing location. Please consult it daily to see where and when you are scheduled.


Should you often oversleep or if you regularly arrive late for work, that can have financial consequences. Excessive drinking of alcohol and drug abuse are not tolerated.

Medical insurance

It is compulsory for everyone in the Netherlands to have a health insurance coverage. If you are going to work for us, we sign you up for medical insurance. We do that with Holland Zorg. You can find more information in the Annex. A weekly deduction is made from your salary for medical insurance.

What to do in the event of illness

If you are ill, inform the hospitality officer directly and by phone only or dial the emergency number (See Contact Details). Note: Just sending a notification of your illness by SMS is not enough. Explain what is happening and try to estimate how long your illness is likely to last. You must also inform the hospitality officer if you are going to stay at another address during your illness.

Should you need medical assistance, a hospitality officer would normally accompany you to the doctor. Make sure to have your medical insurance card with you always; that is the evidence that you are insured for medical care. The hospitality officer will contact the client and consult with them about a replacement so that the work continues until you are back.

Should you fall ill at work, go to your supervisor at once and contact the hospitality officer and/or the emergency number (only outside office hours).

If you need to make use of medical facilities, the general practitioner, hospital or pharmacist can access your data in the computer system to check how you are insured. Should they not manage to do so, let them contact the hospitality officer. You do not need to worry about anything.

Monitoring by the Arbodienst

The Arbodienst (Occupational Health and Safety Service) is automatically informed of your illness. This service helps employers to develop and implement good labour conditions and absenteeism policies. During your illness, you can expect a visit from an Arbodienst inspector. This can be a home visit or a telephone call, but you can also receive a letter by email or regular post to which you must respond.

Until the first contact you need to be reachable daily from 10.00 to 12.00 hrs. and from 13.00 to 16.00 hrs. Being reachable means: being within earshot of the doorbell; having the telephone on and being able to receive emails or post. You are responsible for responding to the inspector. You will also need to arrange follow-up appointments with them. Should you be unable to keep such an appointment, always inform the Arbodienst. Should you fail to do so, you run the risk of not receiving any sickness benefit.

Accommodation and medical insurance expenses during illness

When you are on sick leave, you have a right to accommodation and medical insurance for a given period. We deduct the cost of this from your salary as soon as you have returned to work.

Sickness benefit

You continue to be paid while you are ill. Who pays your sickness benefit depends on the type of contract you have. In most cases the first sick day is for your own account. From the second day, we pay you 91% of your wages. But we can only do that if you have officially reported sick to the hospitality officer, using the proper procedure. If you did not report sick, you will receive NO pay.

Have you recovered?

When you have recovered, inform the personnel manager immediately. They will make sure that you are included in the schedule again, and they will inform the various authorities that you have recovered.


  1. Call the hospitality officer immediately or call the AB Werkt emergency number (only between 17.30 and 08.00 and not by text message!)
  2. Tell them where you are staying and how long you think you will be sick for.
  3. Going to the doctor or hospital? The hospitality officer helps you.
  4. Make sure you can be reached.
  5. From Day 2, you receive 91% of your pay (depending on your contract)


You wish to go on holidays. Tell your hospitality officer when you wish to go on holidays and for how long. Do this at least three weeks beforehand. The hospitality officer then discusses this with the client and lets you know if your holidays have been approved. A reservation for holidays is included in your salary. We use this to pay for the days on which you do not work (holidays). How high this amount is will depend on how long you have worked for us. In the annex you will find instructions on how to fill in an application and the amount to calculate. Please note: Filling in this application does NOT mean that you have applied for holidays! That needs to be discussed with the hospitality officer.

In addition to the reservation for your holidays, a reservation will be made for holiday pay on a weekly basis. As a rule, this amount is automatically paid out once a year in June or at the end of your employment.

What happens to your health insurance during your vacation?

If you are going on holidays for less than two weeks, we continue paying your health insurance and the cost is charged to you. If you go on holidays for longer than that, we can stop the health insurance. Please note: In such a case you cannot be eligible for reimbursement of your health care expenses.

Going on holidays?

  1. Inform the hospitality officer that you wish to go on holidays.
  2. Do so at least three weeks beforehand
  3. The hospitality officer discusses your request with the client
  4. They let you know if it’s approved.
  5. Fill in the holidays form so that you will be paid for those days

If you stop working for AB Werkt

If you no longer work with AB Werkt, your health insurance will be terminated immediately! You are then no longer entitled to the health insurance!

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