Earn a bonus

We are always looking for employees who, like you, have that AB Werkt mentality: professional, engaged, and going the extra mile to make sure the job gets done for employers.

Do you know a person like this?

Please put them in touch with us! If they get a job through us, we will give you a bonus of up to €250 net! Of course, the bonus is subject to certain conditions.

The conditions:

  • You are eligible for a bonus if the nominated candidate has worked a minimum of 350 hours for AB Werkt within a period of 6 months from the start date of their contract.
  • The proposed candidate is not in placement with AB Werkt during your application;
  • The candidate has not worked for AB Werkt in the past 12 months;
  • The bonus is paid after this period (350 hours in 6 months), exclusively to the account number of the person who proposed the candidate.
  • The candidate is not already an agency worker at AB Werkt.

What do you need to do?

Do you know someone who is interested?

  • E-mail or telephone your contact person at AB Werkt to tell them about the candidate. Below are the contact details of the regional office you work for.
  • We will contact you in the following steps of the procedure.

Our offices

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Hoofdkantoor Herten-Roermond

Mussenberg 56049 GZ HertenPostbus 10136040 KA Roermond
0475 - 35 20 30 info@ab-werkt.nl
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Regiokantoor Goes

Verrijn Stuartweg 244462 GE Goes
0113 - 23 36 66goes@ab-werkt.nl
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Regiokantoor Etten-Leur

Ecustraat 94879 NP Etten-Leur
076 - 76 300 01ettenleur@ab-werkt.nl
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Regiokantoor Beek

Stationstraat 916191 BC Beek
046 - 43 707 32beek@ab-werkt.nl
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Regiokantoor Herten-Roermond

Oude Trambaan 276049 GT Herten-Roermond
0475 - 35 20 30 roermond@ab-werkt.nl
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Regiokantoor Horst

Spoorweg 6 5963 NJ Horst
077 - 39 808 83horst@ab-werkt.nl
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Regiokantoor Veghel

Pater van den Elsenlaan 135462 GG Veghel
0413 - 76 39 30veghel@ab-werkt.nl
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Kantoor regio Eindhoven – Helmond

Dominépad 6a5528 NC Hoogeloon
0497 - 76 34 00hoogeloon@ab-werkt.nl
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Digitaal uitzenden: E-Flex & Payroll

Oude Trambaan 276049 GT Herten
085 – 043 22 47
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Mussenberg 56049 GZ Herten
0475 -35 20 30asbest@ab-werkt.nl
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Mussenberg 56049 GZ Herten

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