Wear a seatbelt in the tractor!


In the agricultural sector, too many fatal accidents happen every year that could probably have been prevented by wearing a seatbelt.

Either the driver got trapped, or thrown out of the tractor. It makes no difference how much driving experience you have, or how well you know the terrain. Accidents are just waiting to happen and, without a seatbelt, you are far less likely to survive them. Tractors are also frequently used outside the agricultural sector, by horticulturists for instance, and in landscaping and mechanical contract work. For these sectors, wearing a seatbelt has been mandatory since 1 January. Please be aware of this!

What happens if you suffer an accident and you’re not wearing a seatbelt?

The cabin of a tractor is designed not to buckle if the tractor topples or flips onto its head. The seatbelt makes sure you remain within the safety of the cabin. If the tractor topples over, you can’t get trapped beneath it. If you are not wearing a seatbelt, the force may throw you against the windscreen, or you may be hurled out of the cabin. In other words, you are out of the safe zone. Once outside this zone, you can easily get trapped and may not survive. A fine may be imposed on the employer (or employee) by the Netherlands Labour Authority if inadequate measures were taken to prevent injury, such as a seatbelt.

What constitutes a good seatbelt?

A car seatbelt sits over your shoulder. Tractors are fitted with hip belts. NB: a seatbelt provides good protection if you wear it across your hips or across your pelvis. I.e.: not over the soft part of your belly.

What should I bear in mind when purchasing a seatbelt?

The belts must have a properly functioning clasp and a properly functioning locking mechanism. Retractors must function such that the belt fits snugly when worn.

Is it a legal requirement to wear a seatbelt?

Horticulturists, landscapers, and mechanical contract workers must wear a safety belt. The safety belt must be worn when driving on public roads and when working on slopes. If the tractor is not fitted with a belt (hip belt as a minimum), then fit one, or get one fitted.

Always fasten the belt when driving the tractor. If the tractor does not have belts, discuss this with your employer.

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