Sebastian Wabik works at Livar “I have a good position and I like my job”


Sebastian Wabik is a happy man. Since he made the move from Poland to the Netherlands in 2005, he has always enjoyed his work through AB Werkt.

“I was already familiar with AB Werkt in Poland, and I have never had another employer in the Netherlands. I’ve never needed one, either. I have received good support right from day one. Communication with AB Werkt is very good. If there’s ever a problem, or if I have a question, I can always give them a call. I’ve never had any problems.”

A trained butcher

Sebastian is a trained butcher. He was soon able to start working as a de-boning specialist at the Verhey beef factory in Nuth. “Every day we’d process a different cut of meat. One day I’d spend the whole day cutting cuts of shoulder, and the next day there would be a different type of meat on my table.”

Sebastian initially came to the Netherlands on his own, without his wife and children. When he realized that there was plenty of work to keep him going for the time being, he asked his family to join him in Limburg. After two years, the family was reunited. “We are happy in the Netherlands.”

Very similar to Poland

According to Sebastian, working in Poland is not all that different from working in the Netherlands. “A butcher is a butcher and a cow is a cow. The way we interact with each other in the workplace isn’t that different either. In that sense, the transition wasn’t that difficult. The only thing that was difficult was learning the language.” That is why Sebastian followed a Dutch course via (and paid for by) AB.

From cattle to pigs

In 2015, AB Werkt secured Sebastian a job at Livar in Echt. Since then, he has been working with pork. “I love it, because I originally specialized in pigs. At Livar, I take care of all the steps involved in processing the meat – from de-boning and cutting to portioning and everything in between.”

Twice as happy

“At Livar, we were able to offer Sebastian a job with growth opportunities and prospects,” says account manager Ramona Reubsaet. He went from being a butcher who couldn’t speak Dutch to a foreman in a de-boning facility. Livar is very satisfied with him, and so are we. Sebastian has progressed quickly because he is always 100% committed and loyal to his employer, but he also tells it like it is. He is a very social person with a positive attitude.”

Sebastian has no plans to switch to another job or company for the time being. “I have a good position as a production manager and I love my job. I enjoy my work and I am very happy at Livar.”

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