Rules for reporting sickness and recovery


Unfortunately, we all get sick now and then. What’s the procedure for reporting sickness? And what happens when you’ve recovered? Here are all the rules on reporting sickness and recovery.

Are you unwell?

If you are unwell and unable to work, make sure you phone in sick by 10 AM at the latest. You can telephone your contact person at AB Werkt, or the client for whom you are working. Be sure to telephone; do not send a text message or WhatsApp.

We will inform the occupational health & safety service of your sickness, and will also provide them with your telephone number and address. A case manager from the occupational health & safety service will then get in touch with you, so make sure you can be reached by telephone on the number we have on record for you.

The case manager will discuss your sickness with you and make follow-up arrangements with you. Be sure to stick to those arrangements, otherwise your sickness benefit may be affected.

If you’ve agreed a date with the case manager to return to work, let him or her know if you recover sooner than anticipated. If you are not able to go to work on the agreed day, telephone the case manager before 10 AM.

Are you better?

If you have recovered and can return to work, notify your contact person at AB Werkt before 10 AM. You should also notify the contact person at the client. Depending on the arrangements you have made, you should also telephone the case manager at the occupational health & safety service.


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