Marcin Pallach: ‘Nothing is impossible. Everything can be learned.’

Marcin Pallach (33) is from Poland and moved to Brabant five years ago. Back when he was in his home country, he looked for jobs abroad to gain greater financial security. He came across an advertisement from an intermediary employment agency offering work on a pig farm. When he responded, things moved quickly. Within a few days, Marcin arrived in the Netherlands and started working for AB Brabant as they were known at the time.

Working with animals

As Marcin had been out of work for a while, he was ready to take on anything. He knew he wanted to work with animals, because he had experience in this regard. He feels comfortable with animals. When he was a child, he often visited his uncle’s farm. Marcin ended up at Peter Ammerlaan’s company, which is many times bigger than his uncle’s one in Poland. He had already learned to work hard and literally get his hands dirty thanks to his experiences at his uncle’s farm. Marcin: ‘Impossible? In my view, there is no such thing. With the right attitude, you can achieve a lot.’

A bond with entrepreneur Peter

Marcin still works at Peter Ammerlaan’s company. ‘When I started here, I felt at home immediately. Well, it felt like my second home,’ Marcin says. Peter surprised him by being open, warm, and friendly from the start. Marcin continues: ‘As an employer, he is demanding and fair, but above – all human. I think that is an important quality if you want to win over employees. Peter helps out when he needs to, and that’s why I am always willing to jump in where necessary. We do this together! The way we play off each other is excellent, precisely because we can also give each other space.

Language course via AB Werkt

When Marcin first arrived in the Netherlands, he only spoke English. Over the years, he has raised his English and Dutch to a higher level. He is learning the Dutch language faster by talking to Peter and other colleagues, for example. Via AB Werkt, he followed a basic Dutch course. Marcin: ‘Dutch is a difficult language, but I improve myself every day.’

Family in the Netherlands

As of March this year, Marcin’s wife and two children also live in the Netherlands. He has been looking forward to this very much. Now he enjoys every family moment. His greatest hobby is spending time together with his family. Additionally, his car is his pride and joy. He laughs: ‘The pigsty has to be clean, but my car has to shine.’

Matters of the day

Marcin works five days a week from seven to half past four. His working hours are not entirely fixed, but he adopts a flexible approach. Ammerlaan has three large locations, so there is always plenty of work. Piglets are born and need to be treated. Other work activities include insemination, collecting the animals for transport, cleaning the stables, or repair works. Together with his colleagues, Marcin takes his responsibility. Marcin: ‘We do the work together, so if that means I have to start earlier or stop later, then that’s what I do. It makes sense to me.’

Cooperation with AB Werkt

In the five years that Marcin has worked through AB Werkt, he has lived at several housing locations. As a result, he maintained contact on a regular basis with the hospitality staff of AB Werkt. They help and supervise Marcin and all other international employees. Since Marcin moved private housing, that contact has reduced. Marcin doesn’t mind, because he wants to be independent. Peter Ammerlaan helps him when he has questions and Marcin is in regular contact with the personnel manager of AB Werkt. AB Werkt sometimes comes to the company or they call for a chat.


Marcin is so satisfied with AB Werkt that he also approaches others to come and work here. His colleague Mietek is one such a person and his own wife now works for AB Werkt. This is a demonstration of Marcin’s commitment to AB Werkt and to Peter’s company. Marcin is always a welcome guest and ambassador at the AB Werkt summer barbecue and at activities for international employees.

Marcin offers all people in the Netherlands and abroad looking for work the following final tip: ‘Never give up, nothing is impossible. If you really want to work, you can learn anything.’

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