Everything you need to know about your vacation days


Having time off work is important for recharging your batteries and returning to work feeling refreshed. But how many vacation days do you actually have? If you work via a temporary employment agency such as AB Werkt, you are entitled to 25 vacation days if you work full time. To find out more, keep reading!

Temporary agency workers also build up vacation days. This is how it works: for every hour that you work, about 10% of that hour is ‘reserved’. If you go on holiday, you can then use your vacation days (the amount of time you have reserved) for that. If you have only just started working, be aware that you may not have built up enough vacation hours yet. Generally speaking, if you work full time, you build up an average of 16.66 hours of vacation for every month you work.

How many vacation days do I build up?

The law states that employees build up 20 vacation days (four weeks) a year for full-time employment. These are what we call the ‘statutory vacation days’. You can calculate these vacation days as follows:

4 x the number of hours you work per week. If you work 40 hours per week, you build up 160 hours of vacation (or 20 days) a year. If you work 20 hours per week, you are entitled to 4 x 20 hours = 80 hours per year.

Good news for temporary agency workers: you are entitled to more vacation days – 25 days (or five weeks) a year. So that’s five days (or one week) more than the law says. These are what we call ‘additional vacation days’. If you don’t have a full-time job, the additional vacation days are calculated based on the number of hours worked per week.

What if I haven’t worked enough hours yet?

If you have not been working for AB Werkt for very long, you will probably not have built up enough vacation hours. However, you can still take time off work – as long as it fits in with the company’s schedule, of course. If you decide to take time off, you will receive less income over that period; this means that you will be taking unpaid leave. When you return to work after taking some time off, you will immediately start building up vacation hours again.

If you have any questions about your vacation days or vacation hours, please get in touch with your contact person.

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