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In December 2019, an outbreak of a new coronavirus was reported in Wuhan, China. This virus can cause the COVID-19 disease. Measures are currently being taken all over the world to prevent further spread of the virus.

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Symptoms of the coronavirus

People with the coronavirus have a fever (temperature above 38 °C) and respiratory complaints, such as coughing or shortness of breath.


This disease is spread from person to person. At this moment it is assumed that one sick person can infect two others on average. The sicker a person is, the more they spread the virus.

What can I do to prevent the spread of the coronavirus?

1. If you have a cold or fever, don't go to work.

2. If someone in your family or someone with whom you share a house has a fever, stay at home. This applies unless you work in a profession that has immediate impact on the food supply.

3. Cough into the inside of your arm. Do not shake hands either.

4. Blow your nose into a paper tissue. Throw the used tissue away immediately.

5. If you are outside (in public space) with 3 or more people who do not belong to your family and you do not keep 1.5 meter distance between them, you take the risk of a fine.

6. Wash your hands regularly and wash them with water and soap for at least 20 seconds.

Watch the video carefully and be sure to follow all the measures.

When a person who is infected coughs or sneezes, the virus is expelled from the nose, throat, or lungs. The virus then enters into the air through the small droplets. These droplets do not float in the air but descend quickly. The sicker a person is, the more of the virus they can spread. But the virus cannot survive for long outside of the body, especially not on cardboard, packaging materials, or other objects.

When should I call my doctor?

Call your doctor by telephone if you have:

Do NOT go to your doctor or out-of-hours surgery, as you could infect other people. The doctor will decide together with the Municipal Health Service if it is necessary to test for the new coronavirus.

You're feeling ill. What should you do?

A colleague at the accommodation is ill. What should you do?